Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

High-pressure plants HPP 6/630 is intended for hydrodynamic cleaning by a high pressure pipeline stream, heat exchangу units and other processing equipment. Installation is developed in a climatic modification of category of placement 4 in accordance with GOST 15150. It is delivered on the wheel cart.

Identity code of a high pressure plant HPP 6/630:
6 – the volume of feed, m3/hour, (with O30mm plunger)
630 – nominal pressure, kgf/cm2, (with O28mm plunger)

УВД 6/630 УВД 6/630 УВД 6/630 УВД 6/630

  Indicator name Indicators with O28mm plunger Indicators with O30mm plunger
1. Feed, m3/hour (l/min) 4,5 (75) 5,1(85)
2. Pressure on a pump entering*, MPa, not less 0,3 0,3
3. Pressure at the exit from the pump nominal, MPa 63,0 55,0
4. Frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft, rpm. 470 470
5. Power of the drive, kW 110 110
6. Number of rotary speed of the drive, rpm. 1500 1500
7. Weight, kg no more 2200 2200
8. The established resource before major repairs, hour, not less 3000 3000
9. Service life, years 6 6

Indicators on the pumped medium - water with a temperature up to plus of 50 °C and the content of particulate matters in it no more than 0,2% by weight and no more 0.2mm by size.

We provide repair service and modernization of installations with implematation of compulsory greasing and cooling of reducer details and of plunger assembly details. Delivery of installations with electric motors of 132 kW and the enforced frame is possible.

The list of delivered products, assemblies and spare parts

  1. High pressure plants HPP 6/630, new, full complete set
  2. High pressure plants HPP 6/630 restored after overhaul
  3. Pump of a high pressure T 6/630, new
  4. Pump of a high pressure of T 6/630 after overhaul
  5. Pump head, new
  6. Pump head (overhaul)
  7. Cranked shaft co-run with driving shaft
  8. Connecting rod assembly
  9. Semi-liner of a rod of O79?O80
  10. Automatic Pressure Controller (APC)
  11. APC repair kit
  12. Plunger assembly O28(O30)(PA)
  13. PA repair kit
  14. Valvate pump group
  15. Pump T6/630 crosshead
  16. Pump sleeve (plug) bronze
  17. Hydraulic pistol (HP)
  18. HP repair kit
  19. Foot controls valve (FCV)
  20. FCV repair kit
  21. High Pressure Hoses(HPH):
  22. HPH dy16 P=1000 M22x1,5 20m
  23. HPH dy12 P=650 M22x1,5 15m
  24. HPH dy8 P=640 M22x1,5 10m
  25. HPH dy6 P=630 1/4" 10m.
  26. HPH dy4 P=630 1/8" 6m.
  27. Nozzles different
  28. Springs different
  29. Rubber details