Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

We offer services in production and repair of inserts of sleeve-type bearings of ball mills.

At the ore branch enterprises the babbit covering is commonly used which is quite whimsical in operation and quickly worn out.

Transition from a babbit covering to PTFE will increase a service resource and will reduce repair and service time. For transition to PTFE covering purchase of a new insert isn't obligatory - modernization of a babbit insert is possible.

Advantages of inserts with elastic metal-fluoroplastic (PTFE) covering in comparison with babbit:

  • operation term up to 20 years, a warranty period of 18 months
  • vibration-absorbing properties, decrease in level of vibration in bearings
  • low coefficient of friction, increase in efficiency of the mechanism
  • reliability
  • maintainability - due to a segment design, covering replacement doesn't demand plant repair, rearranging new elements is enough
  • significant saving on repairs

The project of replacement of a babbit covering of an insert of a ball mill with a metal-fluoroplastic covering is developed for JSC EVRAZ Vanadium Tula. Following the results of three years of operation, no remarks are made.