Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

We offer you services in repair and production of segments of thrust bearings and segment inserts of bearings of sliding with a metal-fluoroplastic covering (PTFE).

We carry out modernization the babbit of segments of thrust bearings and inserts segment with transfer to a metal-fluoroplastic covering.

Application of a metal-fluoroplastic covering provides sliding supports with unique bearing ability, high reliability and durability in work, the minimum expenses at installation and operation that is confirmed with tests and operating experience.

Advantages of a metal-fluoroplastic covering:

  • Very high chemical, radiation and corrosion resistance, weather fastness, heat resistance and freeze resistance.
  • Nonflammable. Fireproof. Are eco-friendly.
  • Have low friction coefficient 0,001 - 0,002 in an operating mode and 0,02 - 0,04 at start-up
  • The modulus of elasticity of an antifrictional material at the compression is not less than 7000 kg/cm2.
  • Very low moisture absorption and gas permeability, good dielectric characteristics and high electric durability.
  • Wear resistance at 100 000 hours service is no more than 0,3 mm.
  • Chemical stability in relation practically to all hostile environment.
  • Unique antifrictional characteristics.
  • Lack of labor-consuming operation of a scraping on a friction surface of PTFE of a support.
  • Decrease in level of vibrations in bearings as it possesses high shock-absorbing ability.
  • Unit loading of a friction surface - up to 6,5 MPa, on separate units to 7,5 MPa.
  • Linear speed of disc sliding on a segment up to 120 m/s.
  • Excludes damages (tease) of a mirror of a disk of a thrust bearing.
  • There is no effect of avalanche damage of supports.
  • Reliable and efficient at greasing with less viscous oils.
  • Warranty period of operation for 36 months.
  • Service life up to 20 years that is significantly decreases repair costs.

Segments with metal-fluoroplastic covering are used on more than 200 hydro-electro power stations for generators not only in Russia but also abroad in such countries as China, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, The Czech Republic, Sweden, India, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Morocco and others.

The most loaded segments are installed on hydro machines (MPA):

  • 1981 on Bratskaya hydroelectric power station (250 MWt) – 6,5
  • 1983 on Buhtarminskaya (75MWt) – 6,5 and Volgogradskaya (115 MWt) – 6,5
  • 1984 on Kapchagayskaya (108 MWt) – 6,5, V. Tulomskaya (57 MWt) – 7,2 and Vilyuyskaya 1 (77 MWt) – 7,5
  • 1985 on Vilyuyskaya 2 (85 MWt) – 6,5
  • 1988 Miatlinskaya (110 MWt) – 6,5

On hydrounits of 44 of hydroelectric power stations segments with specific loading no more than 4MPa are installed, among them: hydro machine 60MWt Lipno hydroelectric power station (Czech Republic 1996), hydroelectric power station Thak Mo hydro machine of 75 MWt (Vietnam 1994), hydroelectric power station Gu TENG and Tai Ping I hydro machine of 65 MWt (People's Republic of China 1994), Tatevsky hydro machine of 58 MWt and Kremenchug hydroelectric power station hydro machine of 57 MWt (Ukraine 1986), Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station hydro machine of 52 MWt (Russia 1984).

Number of support repairs on a condition of cases is up to 3-5 times.
Together with segments the passport and the instruction on installation, start-up, adjustment are delivered.
Works are performed on TU 4182-001-71038101-2004 " Metal-fluoroplastic support for sleeve-type bearings".