Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

We offer you repair and new production of segments of thrust bearings for electric motors. PTFE Segments of thrust bearings with a metal-fluoroplastic covering are recommended by Rosatom State corporation scientific and technical council at meeting October 8, 2010 for application at the enterprises of nuclear branch.

Delivered segments of thrust bearings with a metal-fluoroplastic covering for electric motors
  Electric motor name Analog of the drawing
1 SDY-18-54-16-2 5BP.192.298
2 SDV-17-49-10 5BP.192.779
3 SDV-16-36-8 5BP.192.294
4 SDV-16-40-12 5BP.192.294
5 AVC-5000/115-6/24 VKIA 304427.027
6 VDN-170/49-10 8BP.192.544
7 DVDA-20/79-28-24 5BP.192.219
8 SD800-3,2 5BP.192.779
9 DVDA-260/99-20-24 5BP.195.132
11 SDV2-143 (16.36.8) 5BP.192.779
12 SDV2-215/43-10 5BP.192.779

Main advantages:

  • reliable durable work
  • clearing of vibrations
  • decrease in temperature
  • increase in efficiency at the expense of the best indicators of a sliding-friction
  • transition from the babbit segments to the metal-fluoroplastic doesn't demand changes of the greasing scheme of
  • service life - 15-20 years, a warranty period of 36 months