Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

We offer services in production and delivery of Turbo generator slip rings TV 60-2, TVF-60-2, TVS-60-2, TVF-63-2, TVF-120-2, TVF-200-2 and others, including on customer's drawings.

КК 5БС.555.081 Контактное кольцо 5ВК.555.055 ТВФ-60-2 Контактное кольцо 5БС.555.353

Production as well as materials used come with passports and quality certificates. Quality of isolation is checked by independent electrotechnical laboratory, with issue of the test protocol. By agreement with the customer implementation of a keybed, deepening of spiral flutes (within tolerance) is possible.

Контактное кольцо Перемычки Нормализация Кольца медные

Requested galvanic coatings, deaerated welding are done, the metal part is attempered and normalized for service life improvement.