Epyura, Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC

We offer you cooperation in the following directions:
Production and repair of sliding supports with elastic metal-fluoroplastic covering (PTFE)

Service life of products is 20 years. Use of PTFE of a covering cuts down expenses on repair and maintanance. We make modernization of sliding supports by replacement of a babbit covering with the metal-fluoroplastic (PTFE).

Production of high-pressure plants HPP5/630, HPP 6/630

  • delivery of hydrotreaters
  • repair and modernization of installations with implementation of compulsory cooling of key units
  • delivery of spare parts and separate units
Installations are delivered with various complete set and electric motor power at customer's option.

Production of slip rings for turbogenerators

  • for turbogenerators TV-60-2, TVF-60-2, TVS-60-2, TVF-63-2, TVF-200-2 and others.
The production is turned out taking into account wishes of the engineering personnel of the customer. Quality check of let-out products is made by certified electric laboratory.

Development of new sliding supporyts with metal-fluoroplastic covering

  • thrust bearing for turbine camshaft
  • supports for stabbing valves
  • startup bearing
  • inserts for warm modified coverage of sliding surface
The primary advantage is long reliable lifetime. The implementation of new units instead of problematic or worn-out will offer to increase the device work efficiency.